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The pandemic will have lasting impacts on children and young adults. How we navigate the conversation now matters. On February 20th M3 Coaches will be hosting a 2 part conversation to support parents whose children are navigating the difficulty of uncertainty, social isolation, and loneliness. 

We have a group of incredible people pulled together for a conversation that you will not want to miss. Gain valuable insights, find resources and hear from some of the leading speakers in the world on bullying, suicide prevention, intentional listening, and mental health accessibility.

Tola Onigbanjo



Tola Onigbanjo , Aka Wisetola, is the Co-founder of "Women4Africa (which was dubbed the largest gathering of African Women in Europe), The Solid Woman and The Listeners101” a non for profitt organisation
designed to 'Listen' to young people aged 11-26.
She recently launched #FiftyAndFearless a platform focused on addressing everyday real life topics with live shows every Tuesday. 
In her over 20 years  functioning as a Mentor and Advisor , Tola has mentored hundreds of young people and women across the UK.
Also an author of a parenting book "Steps - It's Time To Quit Step-parenting and become a Parent", Tola has been called in her capacity as a parenting expert to feature on SKY Sunrise wil Eamon Holmes and various other TV shows.


Marc Mero

Inspirational Speaker / Author / Ordained Minister / Former WWE Wrestling Champion 

Marc Mero’s enthusiasm is contagious as he empowers youth and people of all ages to make positive choices and achieve their highest potential. 

From his early days growing up in a single-parent home in Buffalo, NY, Marc dreamed big and set lofty goals.  Marc found success with hockey, football and boxing and then achieved fame as a WCW and WWE Wrestling Champion.  For 14 years, Marc entertained audiences worldwide as “Johnny B. Badd,” “Wildman” Marc Mero and “Marvelous” Marc Mero.   

Following a series of personal tragedies including the loss of more than 30 friends and family members mostly due to lifestyle choices and negative behaviors, Marc now dedicates his life to sharing his story worldwide in order to inspire others to make positive choices.  

His passion for reaching youth with his Champion of Choices School Program saves lives by addressing serious issues such as substance abuse, bullying, and suicide.  Students are encouraged to make positive choices, achieve goals, and become the Champions they are destined to be.  Since founding the nonprofit organization Champion of Choices in 2007, Marc has presented his compelling message to schools, communities, churches, and corporations across the globe.  

Marc has made appearances on several national TV shows including CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, and The Montel Williams Show. 

Lisa Swift-Young

Lisa Swift-Young is a best-selling Author, COO of 4Curls, LLC, and Principal at Change We Seek Consulting. Her 20+ year corporate sales career in the pharmacy industry is highlighted with multiple national awards and recognitions. As a business professor and success strategy coach, she seeks to share her expertise and help others “monetize their message.” This world traveler is fascinated with all things related to the people of the African diaspora. As the co-founder of Change We Seek Foundation, she is committed to supporting organizations that offer resources to increase financial literacy in minority communities. Her latest book, Power of 3:The Christian Gratitude Journal for Renewing Your Faith and Restoring Your Praise was published in December 2020.

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Patricia "Zee" Zamboni Coash

Success coach and unfunker of Entrepreneurs, Executives and Business Owners through coaching, training, and experiential retreats. I empower those with an executive mindset to unfunk themselves and live the life they have been dreaming of today. I have been training and coaching for over 25 years. I find that my best fit is with professionals that have a solid sense of ownership of their role and their life. I work with sales professionals, doctors, accountants, realtors, bankers, lawyers, massage therapists, business owners, network marketers/direct sales, and serial entrepreneurs. When clients start they are often overwhelmed, transitioning, or super stuck. When they have completed their coaching they are focused, clear, energized and ready to take on the next level of life and business. They have more time, greater income and more freedom. I offer private coaching, workshops, webinars, retreats and custom programs.

Melissa Jones

Melissa Jones is an inspiring girls empowerment coach and highly effective licensed classroom
teacher who helps girls learn daily positive habits so they can feel confident in who they are and
connect with other girls in an empowering environment. She has been motivating and
cultivating connections among hundreds of girls and providing families with resources she has
created through over 22,680 hours of experience.
After noticing patterns in girls across 4 different school environments related to struggles with
self-esteem and confidence, and having struggled into adulthood with low self-esteem and lack
of confidence and strategies herself, she now uses her personal transformation and research
with experience-based strategies to elevate girls to live their best life while linking arms in a
community-centered around growth and empowerment. Melissa uses techniques that are
responsive to the unique needs of each group of girls in creative and engaging activities that
motivate girls to take action toward feeling confident and empowered focusing on their strengths
instead of their challenges.
Melissa has her Masters degree in education and through creating innovative and relevant
lessons around positivity, growth mindset, and the healthy connection among girls feeling seen
and valued, she has been featured on NBC, Fox, CBS, The CW, The CW (2nd segment)
Forbes, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, IdeaMensch, and Noblesville Magazine, The 24/7
Times, Morning Lazziness, The Illuminate podcast, Permission to Heal podcast, Undeniable
Impact podcast.

Saskia Darnley

Doctor of Occupational Therapy Student (OTD/s)/ Researcher/ Specialized Childcare provider
Saskia grew up in South West London and developed a passion for travel while attending residential
trips with her local youth club. Her dream as a child was to travel the world and teach children. She has
always worked with children which pushed her to complete a BSC in Psychology, Theology, and Religious

Studies with the hope of becoming a clinical psychologist.

After completing her bachelor's Saskia was offered a job in human services in Massachusetts and at the
age of 23 moved to Boston. In the last 12 years, she has continued to work with children specializing in

early interventions and therapy with children with a diagnosis of Autism.

She is currently completing her Doctorate in occupational therapy and works as a research assistant.
Her goal is to work as an occupational therapist in mental health, health promotions, and advocacy to
help improve the health disparities that are apparent in underserved communities.

Toccara Lachell Samuel

Toccara Lachell Samuel was born in Aiken South Carolina and Currently Resides in Greenville SC. She is a Licensed Esthetician, CEO and Creator of Exceptional Creations with Toccara, Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Awareness Advocate and Suicide Prevention Advocate. She is currently in the process of launching a nonprofit in remembrance of her late mother who transitioned from this life due to her own battle with mental health and later she lost her life to suicide after suffering from postpartum depression.

Toccara has a passion and purpose for helping others become their better selves and enjoys assisting and speaking at events geared towards helping others have Exceptional Mental Health.

12-1PM EST

Join our panel for a live Q&A and round table discussion

Submit your questions to [email protected] prior to the event to ask the experts your questions


2-3 PM EST

Join our panel of Mental Health experts for a live Q&A and round table discussion

Submit your questions to [email protected] prior to the event to ask the experts your questions.


Faraaz Ali

Faraaz is known as an author, activist, mentor, coach, chief empowerment officer,
and “edutainer”. When not juggling those multiple labels, he is the
communications director at Founder Institute Norway. His journey started in
television & entertainment before moving into the IT world, now it has evolved
into finding human connectivity through consciousness communication in the
post-digital world. His talks are impactful and thought-provoking, which helps his
audience focus on improving their internal and external being, to master the art of
self-leadership, to create a thriving state of mind in life and business. He is now
based in Norway and has previously lived in Fiji, and New Zealand. He is a
thought leader on modern parenting and family travel, recently getting his
daughter to her 32nd country in 36 months. Exploring new ways to optimize and
hack life is his mission, so humanity can live in better harmony with inner and
outer happiness, and be connected for a higher purpose.

Charise Harris

Charise Harris is a crafter turned podcaster who inspires creators by sharing her passion for storytelling through The Plan on Purpose Podcast. She started the podcast to invite planner lovers to learn more about one another and of course discuss all things planning. Now, her guests included not only those who plan but, makers from many different creative communities. When she turns off the microphone, you can find her sharing her love of bible journaling, memory planning, and all kinds of paper crafting inspiration on Instagram. Follow her story and the podcast on all major platforms and remember she’s here to talk if you're here to listen.

Franklyn Rosario

Founder and CEO of My Life Plan USA, Franklyn Rosario has spearheaded the movement for positive health and life insurance transformations in the ever-evolving modern age. With over a decade of professional experience in international business, finance, telecommunications, management, and leadership, Franklyn has a deep understanding of what it takes to empower individuals to learn about their financial behavior and help them improve the quality of life, protect their loved ones and plan for the future.

Once the 2020 pandemic hit in early March, this was a turning point for Franklyn. With millions losing their health insurance and the rise of health concerns in the nation, he decided to develop a platform that could serve everyone, delivering them the best online and contactless broker services that will make this time period, and beyond, a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Franklyn designed My Life Plan USA to be a superior self-quote generated system, in which prospects will be able to apply online and protect their family from the comfort of their home. Seekers will also have the opportunity to connect with professional agents across the USA
via remote technologies. What is even more impressive is that many of the insurance company partners provide instant approval and have non-medical requirements. This means no more anxious waiting for 26 days to 3 months to know if you and your family will be protected.

Franklyn takes pride in being able to revolutionize health and life insurance processes and
make it seamless for all Americans to access. He is passionate about being the voice of
change and providing all 50 states cutting-edge technology to produce smooth transactions,
foster protection, and build prospering legacies for future generations.

To my wife, Mercedes V. Soriano Castro, thank you for all your love and support throughout this journey. You are my rock, and I would have never made it this far without you.

And to my kids, Franklyn Rosario Jr. and Amaury A. Rosario, you are what keeps me pushing harder every single day to build a better future for us and the nation. Thank you for being my reason “why.”

Ryleigh Klimenko "RK," Founder of M3Coaches

I'm RK
Money Coach | Entrepreneur | Thought Leader

… and I'm the Millennial Money Muse

I founded M3 Coaches to help other Millennials and Generation Z Entrepreneurs pay off debt, learn different wealth-building strategies, and build the life they aspire to.
I have personally paid off $117,000 in consumer debt in only 18 months, and it was transformational. My mission is to help others learn the strategies that I am using. Anyone can free themselves from debt. There is no magic or ‘secret sauce.’ Climbing out of financial pressures took hard work, grit, and resilience. This attitude helped me change my life to seek a deeper financial literacy level.


Financial literacy can change your life, but we don’t talk about it enough. Many people don’t even know where to start. I will help you realize your potential because everyone has the possibility of financial freedom. You have the right to be the author of your own fate.

Isolation Sucks, Helping Parents navigate the pandemic pitfalls for teens and young adults, came from my desire to help parents with a real, transparent, and action-focused conversation on how the pandemic is impacting your people.

When I was younger, my whole world revolved around school, social experiences, and athletics. Given that many of our young people see those activities unavailable as we work to navigate COVID19 globally, I think it's important that parents and our young people understand they are not alone. This is an incredibly heavy experience for many of us, but I want you to know that you are not alone, and there is always someone willing to listen. 

Join us for the live Q&A and register to watch our guest speakers' private interviews before the big day.

I'll see you there!

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Join us for this 1 day summit and learn about useful resources to support your teens and young adults. 


Isolation Sucks

Helping Parents of teenagers and young adults navigate the pitfalls of the pandemic