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How to Sign 5 Clients

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The Step-By-Step Blueprint to Signing 5 High Ticket Clients

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Why the Coaching Industry is on Fire

With all this opportunity why is it that 89% of Coaches are NOT Profitable

The old-school way of closing deals doesn't resonate with today's sophisticated buyers. It's time to change the dynamic.

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Now Picture This

This could be your new normal…

You've learned a simple process to attract and convert your soul mate client, creating more revenue while working fewer hours than you ever have in your business!

You're now having potential clients line up to work with you instead of hustling in your business and sending hundreds of cold messages that aren't giving you meaningful results.

Each sales conversation you have naturally flowed through a strategic process, leading to more people saying, "I need this!" before you even get to the pitch.

Now you've finally got more space to play with your kids, take time out for yourself and do more of the things you love.

Thanks to implementing the 5 step sales flow, which is helping you close more deals with confidence. The consistent cash flow, you once craved is now all your reality.

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  • You know the mistakes others are making and avoid them
  • You have the essential steps down to overcoming objections 
  • You have the step-by-step Blueprint to Close 6 Figures



The Closing Blueprint

5 Days

To Build your Strategy

How to Create an Irresistible Sales Pitch

We will break down precisely what makes a phenomenal sales pitch along with the key things you need to NOT do during your next sales conversation to change your results. 

The Key to Attracting your Soulmate Client on Repeat 

The exact Client you want to work with is out there and ready to get to know you. I’m going to lay out the process of how to identify who your product can help most and how to attract them.

The #1 Mistake Salespeople Make and How you can Avoid it

Most Coaches and Entrepreneurs made the leap to help others without having experienced real helpful sales training. Resulting in several common mistakes, setbacks, and hard lessons that can slow down your ability to grow and scale. I will break down the number 1 mistake and explain how you can avoid it step-by-step.

The Essential Step to Overcoming Objections to Double your Sales Conversion

Objections are the start of where the decision-making process starts. 90% of salespeople drop the ball as the Client is beginning to make a decision. I'm going to show you one of my best tips to overcome objections with ease and close the deal. 

The Roadmap to Closing 100k in Sales with Confidence and Purpose

Hitting 6 Figures as a Coach or Entrepreneur doesn't have to be complicated. By simplifying your sales process, you can attract your soulmate Client, ask effective questions to gain insight,  be prepared for any objection, and close the deal. 

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People are saying

Ryleigh is a Coaches' Coach

Ryleigh Klimenko is AMAZING! If you haven’t taken the opportunity to experience her first hand, ask yourself why? I’ve had many coaches over the years and none compares to Ryleigh. Her coaching style, expert advice, and “can-do never give up on you” attitude is what every coach needs. She is a coaches coach! Thank you, Ryleigh for being a great force in my life who I am proud to also call my friend.

Renee Reisch
/ Best Selling Author

She Dedicates Herself to Serving Her Clients

RK impressed me in 3 areas –

  1. She not only possesses knowledge specific to the financial service industry but to business building. Her willingness to share her knowledge in an organized and effective manner is unmatched!
  2. She truly dedicates herself to serving her clients! Our calls were supposed to be one hour every time we met, but they often became 2-hour calls! In our calls, she went above and beyond to answer my questions and strategize for me.
  3. She is exceptionally resourceful. When I had extremely specific questions regarding one business organization and even when she didn’t know the answers right away, she found me the answer efficiently, which saved me from frustration. 

In a word, she is the right business coach to go to if you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, resourceful, and willing to serve!”

Jinglin Yang
Transformational Habits Coach

This Experience has been Life-Changing

My experience with RK has been life-changing. With her expertise, we have been able to consistently onboard new private label clients in year 1 of business. She was also able to come up with strategies for my business expansion and growth. I always leave each meeting feeling confident about my business and the direction I'm heading in

Toccara Samuel
The Exceptional Private Label

Sales has a new look


Ryleigh Klimenko is a highly sought-after business sales coach specializing in helping ambitious coaches and entrepreneurs grow, scale, and close deals. She teaches elite conversational sales and has worked for Bank of America and TD Bank, among other financial organizations, before leaving corporate to begin her coaching practice.

Published and interviewed in many different places, including CBS, FOX, and NBC, she mentors her community of business owners, teaching them exactly how to close deals using heart-centered selling methods instilling confidence, purpose, and closing the deal.

FEB 14, 2022- FEB 18, 2022

The Closing Blueprint

A 5 Day Workshop showing you how to sign 5 Clients in the next 30 days.


The Closing Blueprint

Day One: How to Create an Irresistible Sales Pitch

Day Two: The Key to Attracting your Soulmate Client on Repeat

Day Three: The #1 Mistake Salespeople Make and How you can Avoid it

Day Four: The Essential Step to Overcoming Objections to Double your Sales Conversion

Day Five: The Roadmap to Closing 100k in Sales with Confidence, Purpose, and Finesse

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